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      品牌: 路虎
      單價: 1.00元/件
      起訂: 1 件
      供貨總量: 1000 件
      發貨期限: 自買家付款之日起 3 天內發貨
      所在地: 廣東 深圳市
      有效期至: 長期有效
      最后更新: 2022-10-07 05:30
      瀏覽次數: 33

      Gammex 156乳腺模體
      美國Gammex 156乳腺模體價格優惠!
      廠家:Gammex, Inc.
      品名:MammographicAccreditation Phantom Model 156
      型號:Gammex 156, Gammex Model 156
      GAMMEX 156用于乳腺X射線造影的測試體模,
      Gammex 156乳腺模體為美國ACR機構提供設計,它做為CT制造商、個人評估、影像質量、以及質量保證方面的一個主動的工程項目。該模體可應于QA評估、CT月檢測試,以保證病人接受最低劑量的輻射。

      Product Overview
      The Gammex 156 Mammographic Accreditation Phantom has been #1 phantom listed by the ACR since the start of the MQSA program in 1994. The Gammex 156 provides the physical standard baseline for assuring the quality of the images produced by your mammographic system.
      The 156 simulates the x-ray attenuation of a 4.2 cm slab of compressed human breast composed of 50% adipose tissue and 50% glandular tissue. Target objects in the phantom are of known size, shape, and density. These represent the different structures or malignancies found when imaging the breast.
      Image quality and system sensitivity is evaluated using these targets and following ACR/MQSA guidelines.

      Routine use of the 156 Mammographic Accreditation Phantom helps satisfy requirements of the ACR Accreditation program for mammography
      The Phantom is helpful in identifying artifacts due to grids, filters and film-processing (for film-screen systems) as well as those produced by digital mammography systems.
      Detect 16 different sizes of targets
      Detect targets down to 0.11 mm in size
      Detects tumor-like masses and micro-calcifications

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